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Send Text Messages - GUI or Gateway

Group Messaging - Text, Voice, Text-to-Speech

Group messaging delivers the same message to members of your group no matter how large or small. It is a most often used to remind members about events, meetings, special sales, deadlines and promotions.

Our automated message delivery system makes it easy to send alerts & notifications, marketing messages or appointment reminders to groups.
Messages can be customized to allow building profitable customer relationships by sending them to targeted groups.

  • Send SMS messages
  • Receive SMS messages
  • Virtual Mobile Numbers - receive SMS or Voice Calls
  • Send Voice messages - capture response
  • Send Text-to-Speech (TTS) messages
  • Send Appointment Reminders - get confirmations
  • SMS Gateway - API for SMS, Voice, TTS
  • Send messages via SMTP/Email Gateway
  • Worldwide coverage for SMS, Voice, TTS
screenshot of web based GUI to send text messages

SMS Gateway - simple, powerful API

Reach any phone worldwide using simple, secure, over-the-internet SMS API.
SMS Gateway for group messaging provides your business a hosted messaging platform to add SMS capability to any system, application or website.
We deliver the direct capability to send SMS, Voice and Text-to-Speech messages from any application.
SMS Gateway API details and examples for developers
// example of sending text via API for node.js

var options =
 uri:     'https://gw.txtmatrix.com/send.json',
 method:  'POST',
 json:    {
           username: 'user4321@gmail.com',
           password: 'mypassword',
           txt:      'This is a test, please ignore',
           phone:    '13471234321'

var request = require ('request');  // https://github.com/mikeal/request

request (options, function (error, response, body)
 if (!error && (response.statusCode < 400))
   console.log (body);
   var r = JSON.parse (body);
   console.log (r.STATUSTXT);

2-Way Messaging

Virtual Phone Numbers

Users can take advantage of 'Virtual Mobile Phone Numbers', and receive incoming SMS messages
(E.g text replies, opt-ins, opt-outs, etc..) at their dedicated phone number.
This is easy to use and much more cost effective alternative to having a dedicated short code.
Incoming text messages are charged at the same rate as outgoing.
Transfered Calls are charged at the same rate as outgoing Voice call, billing is done in 1 minute increments.
Virtual numbers are available for almost all US and Canada area codes, and can receive text messages and voice calls from any country in the world.
Please contact our support team if you need virtual mobile number to be set up for your account.


Monthly Plans:
Plan Monthly Cost Monthly Credits Included Caller ID
Test $0.00         Signup 10 Shared Caller ID
1-Way $5.00         Signup 80 Shared Caller ID
2-Way $10.00       Signup 200 Virtual Number included

Additional Credits:
100 credits 500 credits 1000 credits 5000 credits 10000 credits
$0.070/credit $0.065/credit $0.060/credit $0.050/credit $0.040/credit
$7.00 $32.50 $60.00 $250.00 $400.00
Buy 100 Buy 500 Buy 1000 Buy 5000 Buy 10000

Text-to-Speech Messaging

Text to Speech (TTS) option helps to convert text message to high quality voice, and deliver it to land line or cell phones.
This option is very useful for all kinds of alerts, when you want to push out your message quickly and without thinking what kind of receiver(s) (sms capable cell phone or voice-only capable phone) are you dealing with. The whole process is totally transparent to the sender.
All major languages (around 20 of them) are surrently supported, including Mandarin.
All languages (voices) come in male and female form.

TTS feature is available via web based GUI, and also when sending messages via SMS Gateway.
When sending TTS message via the web based GUI, everything looks the same as sending an SMS message - simply choose or enter a phone number, type the message and click 'Send'.
If sending to a cell phone, an SMS will be sent. If sending to a landline phone, a TTS message will be sent automatically.
Text-to-Speech messages are perfect for emergency notification - they work with all kinds of phones, and they are more reliable than SMS.
The delivery time is as fast as SMS, and they can be as long as needed - no limitation to 160 characters like SMS.

Voice Messaging

GUI based messaging platform (as well as API) allows bulk voice broadcasts delivery to hundreds of your recipients in just few seconds, or send voice alerts, notifications or reminders to smaller groups or single recipients.
Voice messaging never has been easier - record or upload your sound file (wave or mp3 format), select list of the phone numbers, and quickly send or schedule your voice broadcast.
We don't charge for calls that were not answered or didn't go through.
Final delivery of our bulk voice broadcast is achieved via analog phone lines of highest quality, rather than by low-bandwith VOIP method.

FAQ - Frequently Answered Questions about SMS and Voice Messaging

What is a 'credit'?

1 credit equals 1 SMS/Voice/TTS message sent to US/Canadian phone number
For SMS, 1 credit is enough to send up to 160 characters. 161 characters will cost 2 credits. 321 characters will cost 3 credits.
We support Paypal for payments.
For overseas numbers it's more than 1 credit per messages. See overseas pricing for details.
160 character count applies to ASCII text. Text messages encoded in UNICODE take twice much space, so 1 credit will pay for text of 80 characters.

Are there any hidden fees?


Can I cancel my account?

Yes. Anytime. Do it by canceling your Paypal subscription. No need to contact us.

Am I charged for messages that were not delivered?

No. But - message is treated as 'delivered' as long as the mobile carrier claims so. They charge us - we charge you.

What destination countries are supported?

All countries in the world.

Do we need to have a 'short code' to use your service?

No. Unless you have 'virtual phone number' assigned by us, our shared 10-digit US/Canadian caller IDs will be used to send your messages.

How do I get/configure 'virtual mobile number'?

Upgrade your account to "2-way" monthly subscription, and email our support to let us know what US area code would you like to have for your virtual number. It will take 24h before your number is set up.

About Us

Our heritage in messaging runs deep and broad - we've been in mobile messaging business of powerful mission-critical messaging in one way or another since 1996.
Our system deliveres millions of messages worldwide, and our backend is used by many other 'providers'.
Within last 10 years, we only had 60 minutes of downtime (in total), most of it scheduled.

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